Meet the Beija's family

Sam “Beija” Reyes

Role: Owner, Hair Stylist, and Nail Technician
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Sam “Beija” Reyes opened Beija’s Hair & Nails in downtown San Antonio on December 13th, 2016. As a Texas native, Sam graduated from the Milan Institute of Cosmetology in 2008, a year after her high school graduation. As a child who loved big dresses and even bigger hair, Sam’s aunt nicknamed her “Beija” after the character in the popular telenovela Doña Beija. Little Sam needed no excuse to dress up and, just like the nickname, that love carried over into adulthood. Hairspray, lipstick, and heels are some of the things that make her feel beautiful, but nothing compares to the beautiful feeling she gets when working on and interacting with her clients, friends, and most importantly, family. Sam created Beija’s Hair & Nails for women in hopes they would leave the shop looking and feeling their best. The stories, smiles, laughs, and sometimes tears she has shared with the beautiful women that enter Beija’s is what makes her feel drop dead gorgeous through and through.

“When you look good, you feel good, but when you feel good, you look great.”

Angela Reyes

Role: Receptionist
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

As the receptionist for Beija’s Hair & Nails, Angela is the friendly face that greets every single guest that walks into the salon—and has since the day the salon opened. Her smiling face and kind heart shows customers from the very beginning that they’re in a place that cares about them. As a San Antonio native, Angela is in love with the vibrant culture of her hometown, and especially loves the downtown area because it’s like one big family. Oh, and nothing, nothing, tops her Spurs. #GoSpursGo

“I love that Beija’s always provides a welcoming environment for everyone that comes in.”